Best Fitness Ab Straps in 2021 Reviews

Do you want to strengthen your body from the core part? Do you want to build your muscles? If so, we would like to recommend you with the Fitness Ab Straps which is responsible for providing you with a variety of workout functions that your body is demanding for. It is also recommended by athletes worldwide to use a fitness ab strap for bodybuilding.

In this article, we are going to explore more about the benefits and functions of the top 10 best fitness ab straps. Also, by the end of the article, there is a buying guide waiting for you.

List of Top 10 Best Fitness Ab Straps in 2021 on

#10. WINOMO Adjustable Fitness Ab Straps

#10. WINOMO Adjustable

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First of all, we have this fitness ab strap from WINOMO. It is designed to build muscle strength from the core of the body. The ab strap is compatible with workout equipment, such as pull up bar and chin bar. These ab straps are made to be adjustable, and therefore, you can adjust the height according to your demand.

Since the straps work well with pull up bars, you attach it anywhere and exercise from home easily. There is also a grip, yet it is removable in case you are not in need of endurance. This strap is designed ideally for both men and women as long as you wish to have a workout for the upper body part.

The straps are highly durable in the long run. Its function is to raise your legs and knees to strengthen your body core.

#9. A2ZCARE Premium Fitness Ab Straps

#9. A2ZCARE Premium

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Next, we should take a look at this ab strap from A2ZCARE. It is built from superior materials, which are the nylon straps and steel carabiner. It is also padded with a soft cushion to provide a soft touch for the workout. Moreover, the material is resistant to sweat, and therefore, you can work with comfort for long hours. The construction can bear the maximum weight of 300lbs.

The straps are made with a smart design with a thick pad. It is also equipped with D-ring clips, so that you can attach the straps to any bars that you wish to. The handles are made to be so long that it would make an extremely comfortable and advanced grip.

The design of this strap makes it compatible with most standard bar types and sizes, including chin bar and pull up bar. It is designed to be multifunctional since it is responsible for strengthening various muscle groups, including abdominal oblique and lumbar muscle.

Also, within 30 days, you can return the product if you do not feel satisfied.

#8. GYMTOP 1Pair Fitness Ab Straps

#8. GYMTOP 1Pair

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For this fitness ab strap from GYMTOP, it is built for the best comfort and strength. The design aims to provide the best fit for your body regardless of your body shape. With this strap, you do not need to include a grip because the straps are already there to support the upper body part.

The straps come with double support thanks to the high-quality construction using heavy-duty nylon and woven. It is also reinforced by steel carabiners along with the padded sleeves at the elbow area. The construction can support up to 400lbs. Moreover, it is compatible with a variety of gym systems, including chin bars and pulls up bars. The D-rings are designed to make the attachment reliable and durable.

With the use of steel clips, you can also use these straps as hanging abs, and the clips can withstand the maximum weight up to 1000 pounds.

#7. 333 Yoga & Fitness Fitness Ab Straps

#7. 333 Yoga & Fitness Fitness Ab Straps

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This fitness ab strap from 333 Yoga & Fitness is also worth taking into consideration. This Fitness Ab Strap is built for multiple purposes, which are to build your muscles and abdominals in a stronger form. It is compatible with a variety of workout routines thanks to the versatile design. It works well for workout functions, such as L-shaped planking and leg raises. You can also use this strap to work out and get your six packs ready.

The ab straps are made for superior comfort. It is padded with cushion in the elbow and arm areas so that it offers the best support and comfort during the lifting or raising workout. The length is also adjustable so that it is suitable for both men and women at all sizes.

The straps are compatible with a wide range of bars, such as multi-gym bars and chin bars. It is built from high-quality material, which is not only lightweight but also resistant to moisture and sweat.

#6. 1UP Core Pullup Fitness Ab Straps

#6. 1UP Core Pullup Fitness Ab Straps

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If you are looking forward to having a durable and reliable fitness ab strap, you should never miss this one from 1UP. It can be attached to all kinds of bars, including pull up bars and multi-gym bars. It is fully adjustable to match the length of the bar.

The installation process of this strap is easy enough since you only have to spend minutes to insert and detach the straps for your workout process. The straps are padded with a cushion so that it is very comfortable for you even if you decide to spend long hours with it.

The straps are built from heavy-duty materials, which are strong and durable enough to withstand your weight while attaching to any kinds of bars. Thanks to the extremely wide and long design, you are allowed to minimize the stress while working with it in the long run.

For these reasons, this fitness ab strap from 1UP is highly recommended for you to own one for your workout in the future.

#5. Vikingstrength Home Fitness Ab Straps

#5. Vikingstrength Home Gym Ab Strap

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To achieve your ideal body shape with 6 packs in a faster and more efficient way, you should consider this fitness strap from Vikingstrength. With this ab strap, you are allowed to do a wide range of workouts, such as hanging leg raises and building abdominal muscles.

The quality of this ab strap is fully trustable since it is built with double stitching along with the use of a heavy duty locking mechanism to secure you in place. Moreover, the comfort level is desirable since it is padded to make sure that you are comfortable enough even after spending long hours with this fitness ab strap.

In case you wish to carry the straps with you outdoors, there is a storage case for you as well as carrying bag. For more information about the workout guide, you will get a free EBook PDF file to guide you through step by step.

#4. RDX Ergonomic Fitness Ab Straps

#4. RDX Ergonomic Ab Strap

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Another good choice for a fitness ab strap is from RDX. This Fitness Ab Strap features a sleek design with the use of EVA foam for the padding. It is made with a long handle, so the grip is ensured to be ergonomic and comfortable. It guarantees the best support while minimizing the risk of any accidents happening.

The straps are made to target a wide range of muscles, including oblique and rectus abdominis. It also supports the lower back muscle system to help you build 6 packs faster and more efficiently. This strap is the first choice for most athletes since it can perform several useful functions, such as leg raises and knee raises.

In addition, the strap is designed to match the design for many bar types, including pull up bar and chin bar. However, this strap does not only work well in the gym but also allows you to have a satisfying experience at home. The product guarantees you with up to 100% customer satisfaction.

#3. RDX Heavy Duty Fitness Ab Straps

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Here comes another fitness ab strap from RDX. It also comes with a sleek design with the use of D-ring connectors. The connectors are made of steel, and they are designed to be oversized in order to provide the most stable hanging process. The straps are made from heavy-duty nylon and EVA padding, so that you will never have any discomfort while doing the workout.

The strap works well with multiple bar types, including chin up and pulls up bar. It is also compatible with door pull up bars that are located in your very own house. The straps are recommended by many athletes due to the fact that it assists you in bodybuilding and functional training.

What is really worth mentioning about this fitness ab strap is that RDX has the experience in the field for so many years that its research and design continue to inspire and assist athletes and provide them with the best consumer satisfaction.

#2. RIMSports  Ab Strap Hanging Bar

#2. RIMSports  Ab Strap Hanging Bar

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What about this fitness ab strap from RIMSports? It is designed to be durable and heavy-duty, and therefore, it can accommodate your workout demand in the long run. It is also made with thick padding from cotton, so that it offers the best support to your body. The straps can support the maximum weight at up to 300lbs.

With this strap, you can attach it to any kinds of bars that you can think of, including pull up bars and chin bars. You are allowed to remove all the pressure from your hand so that you will never feel difficult during the workout. It is compatible with a wide range of workouts, such as hanging leg raises and other floor ab exercises.

In addition, the construction of this fitness strap is so durable that it makes it even resistant to wearing and tearing. The quality comes with the best warranty from RIMSports to ensure you with the best peace of mind.

#1. DMoose Fitness Ab Straps for Muscle Building

#1. DMoose Fitness Ab Strap for Muscle Building

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Last but not least, we should not forget this fitness ab strap from DMoose Fitness. There are 3 colour options, including black, blue and fire colours. It is designed ideally to target a wide range of muscle groups, including the abdominal muscles, that make you look stronger and sexier.

The design of this ab strap is compatible with both gym and home. The reason is that it works out well for all kinds of bars, including the chin bar and pull up bars. The design is super strong and durable, and therefore, you will never have to worry about safety and stability while doing the workout.

In addition, it comes with thick padding in many areas, so that the support and comfort levels are guaranteed. Thanks to the high-quality construction using nylon and steel carabiners, the quality is there to support you in the long run. In fact, the product itself is guaranteed with a lifetime warranty from DMoose Fitness.

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Buying Guides:

How to choose a good fitness ab strap? Although this workout equipment is built from many components, you only have to take note of some important features that determine whether it is a good fitness ab strap.


The material used in the construction should be heavy-duty and durable to withstand your weight. The weight capacity is at least 300lbs. For this reason, a good fitness strap usually chooses heavy-duty nylon and steel carabiners for the construction to ensure durability in the long run.


The design should be versatile to be compatible with both home and office use. In this case, it should work with any bar type, including pull up bar, chin bar and multi-gym bar.

Cushion padding

This is another desirable function since the padding is available at the elbow and arm areas, so that you can get the best comfort and support during the workout.


To conclude this article, you have just discovered the top 10 best fitness ab straps that you can fully trust on. If you are looking forward to strengthening your body core and building muscle systems, it is the time now for you to consider a fitness ab strap to help you with the workout.

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