Best Hairdryer Holders in 2021 Reviews & Buying Guide

The Hairdryer Holders is very essential because it provides good storage for your hairdryer. It is responsible for looking after the hair styling tools both before and after using it. It offers a handy space where you can store the tools even in hot conditions with confidence.

In order to help you organize your bathroom, we have prepared a list of the top 10 best hair dryer holders for you. They all come with high quality and practical designs to accommodate your demands. Also, by the end of the article, there is a buying guide section to guide you through steps to choose a good holder.

List of Top 10 Best Hairdryer Holders in 2021 on

#10. Ezprotekt  Stainless Steel ABS Hairdryer Holders

#10. Ezprotekt  Stainless Steel ABS hairdryer Holder

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To begin with, we have this hairdryer holder from Ezprotekt. It comes with a multifunctional design, which allows you to store not only a hairdryer but other hair accessories, such as hair brushes, hair curler, curling iron, and many other components.

This hair dryer holder is built from high-quality stainless steel and ABS plastic. The combination of these materials makes it resistant to water, oil, and rust. In addition, the adhesive attached to this holder is strong and durable enough to load the maximum capacity of 33lbs. Also, with this adhesive, you do not need to drill since it is sticky enough to bear 20lbs for each hook.

The installation process of this holder should be accomplished within minutes only since there are screws and holes involved in the whole process. If you are still not sure how to install, refer to the instruction manual.

#9. YCOCO Wall-Mount Hairdryer Holders

#9. YCOCO Wall-Mount hairdryer Holder

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Next, we shall take a look at this hair dryer holder from YCOCO. It comes with a wall-mounted design which saves you a lot of space for storage. The holder is responsible for keeping the hairdryer and other components separated and organized at the same time. There are 3 compartments for this holder, which allows you to separate the hot items from the others.

The holder allows you to mount directly onto the wall. However, if you prefer not to do so, you can also place it on the countertop or tabletop to put all the hairdressing tools inside. It is built from steel, and it also includes a rust-resistant finish to prevent rust and corrosion.

The installation is super easy since all the mounting hardware is included in the package for you. Every few days, you can wipe the holder clean with a piece of damp cloth only in order to maintain the beautiful look of the holder as well as keep your personal hygiene.

#8. RAIKEDR PVC Hairdryer Holders

#8. RAIKEDR PVC hairdryer Holder

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If you are looking for a holder for the bathroom, you should consider this hairdryer holder from RAIKEDR. There are 2 colors for options, which are black and white. It serves as a bathroom organizer which works well for most hairdryer brands and sizes. There is no need to drill this holder because it comes with the sticky glue for you to stick it directly onto the wall.

The holder is compatible with multiple types of surfaces, including metal, glass, wood, and plastic. The holder itself is built from high-quality PVC, which is also friendly to the environment. With this holder, there are no marks or prints on your wall as it leaves the place clean even after you have removed it.

Thanks to the modern design, it fits well into your bathroom decoration, and it saves you a lot of space due to the excellent organization.

#7. Jack Cube Synthetic Leather Hairdryer Holders

#7. Jack Cube Synthetic Leather hairdryer Holder

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Moving onto the next hair dryer holder from Jack Cube, it comes with 4 compartments for the storage of not only hairdryers but also other hairdressing tools that you need to use on a daily basis. The holder is built from premium quality synthetic leather which ensures you with the best durability and stability in the long run.

Moreover, the design is upgraded with a front storage area, so that you are encouraged to put more hair products inside. This way, you can keep all the products related to your hair in only one place and make them easy to find later on.

The matte black design of this hairdryer holder is very impressive because it works well for both traditional and contemporary home decorations. It is also suitable for both personal use and professional use. For these reasons, it is highly recommended for you to own one in order to maximize the values of your space.

#6. SWETON Hidden Mount Hair Dressing Tools Holder

#6. SWETON Hidden Mount Hair Dressing Tools Holder

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SWETON also offers us one of the best hair dryer holders on the market. This hair dryer holder is built from 304 stainless steel, which guarantees both of the durability and stability while in use. This Hairdryer Holder is also resistant to high temperature, and therefore, you can put the hairdryer and hair styling tools onto the holder with confidence immediately after use.

It works well for most standard hairdryers, regardless of the sizes and brands. It is responsible for storing all of your hair styling tools, especially in the bathroom. In addition, the holder comes with a hidden mounted design which does not make the screws visible to others. Therefore, the bathroom decoration remains elegant and impressive with this holder.

This piece of hairdryer holder is suggested by consumers worldwide thanks to its long lasting quality. There is no need to worry about rust or corrosion even in the long run.

#5. Simple Houseware Hairdryer Holders with EVA Foam

#5. Simple Houseware hairdryer Holder with EVA Foam

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Now, it’s time for us to have a look at this hairdryer holder from Simple Houseware. There are 2 colors for options, which include chrome and bronze color. It is a great organizer, which allows you to store all the essential items for your hair care routines. These tools include combs, brushes, hairdryers and flat irons that most of them would use on a daily basis.

This storage organizer is designed ideally for the limited space. Therefore, this is ideal to use in the bathroom. The hook of this dryer is built from EVA foam, and it is protective to your walls or doors. Even after using, there are no scratches guaranteed on the wall.

With a sturdy and stable construction, it is recommended for you to mount this dryer directly onto the wall. However, it is compatible with a wide range of hanging methods that you think of. Also, it is worth mentioning that all the screws for the mounting process are included in the package, and therefore, you can install the hairdryer holder with ease.

#4. mDesign Steel Wire Hair Care Storage

#4. mDesign Steel Wire Hair Care Storage

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What about this hairdryer holder from mDesign? There are many colors for options, such as satin, chrome and mint. They are all elegant enough to fit with your home decoration. The holder is responsible for offering a space for the storage of all the hair care tools, including combs and brushes as well.

There are 2 compartments, and therefore, after using the hair styling tools, you can store inside with confidence. The holder is built from steel wire, and the material is highly resistant to high temperature. This works well for both bathroom and bedroom usage since it is compact enough to fit in well with anywhere around the house.

Thanks to the use of steel wire, it is resistant to both rust and corrosion. This is because it uses a heavy duty coating to maximize the values of the holder. Last but not least, it requires a low maintenance effort in the long run since you only have to wipe it clean with a piece of damp cloth to get it hygiene for the next time usage.

#3. mDesign Compact Hair Products Storage

#3. mDesign Compact Hair Products Storage

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Here comes another hairdryer holder from mDesign. This unit offers ample storage for hair care products, which make them organized and easy to access when you are in need of them. It is designed ideally to support all of the hot products immediately after your usage. Also, the compact design makes it compatible with apartments, dorms and many other places.

This lovely item works well for the bathroom to get the tools organized without gaining access to the water. The construction is extremely durable with the steel wire frame. It also comes with a powder coating, which prevents both of the rust and corrosion.

It is great to invest your time and money with this piece of hairdryer holder since it allows you to spend the least time on the cleaning. The cleaning process should be finished within minutes with damp cloth.

#2. mDesign Bathroom Organizer Hairdryer Holders

#2. mDesign Bathroom Organizer

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This hairdryer holder from mDesign is also worth taking into consideration. It is compatible with both hot and cold tools since it comes with multiple compartments for you to keep things separated from one another. This maximizes the safety and effort for trying to get the right item four your daily hair care routine.

It is very easy to install this hairdryer holder since it allows you to hang it on the doors or walls. There is no need for any professional tools in order to do the installation. Moreover, the instruction manual is there in the package, waiting to guide you through each step of the installation.

In the maintenance process, you only need a piece of damp cloth to keep the shelf clean just as new. Therefore, it saves you a lot of time and energy from doing the cleaning job for this hairdryer holder.

#1. mDesign Hair Styling Tool Storage for Bathroom

#1. mDesign Hair Styling Tool Storage for Bathroom

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Last but not least, we have this hairdryer holder from mDesign. It is designed for the storage of your hair care tools, including hairdryer and other components. With multiple compartment designs, it allows you to put the hot tools inside after usage. This is ideal for the storage of flat irons and curling irons after using.

The installation process of this holder is extremely easy since you can attach it to the walls or doors with the mounting hardware provided. You can also correct the length in order to match your preferences and demands in the limited space. For this reason, it is highly recommended for bathroom usage.

The holder is made from steel wire, and it provides a rust-resistant coating for the surface finish. With this heavy-duty finish, it is very easy to clean since you only have to wipe clean. This does not need much time and energy to do.

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Buying Guides

Moving onto the buying guide section, below are the criteria of a good hairdryer holder if you wish to invest your time and money with it for many years ahead.

Construction: the construction of the holder should be heavy-duty since you have to put a lot of hair styling tools on it. Usually, it is made from metal or steel wire with a rust-resistant coating to ensure the heavy-duty function. Moreover, it should be resistant to high temperatures in order to accommodate the demand of storing hot tools after each use.

Design: a good hairdryer holder comes with multiple compartments to store a variety of tools, including hairdryer, brushes, combs and other hair styling tools. It also includes space for hair care products.

Attachment: there are 2 ways of attachment methods to the wall or door. Users can choose either the adhesive method or mounting method. The adhesive method with sticky glue is ideal if you do not want to have marks on the wall. However, it may not be that durable in the long run.


Overall, we have just put into play the top 10 best hairdryer holders reviews. These options all have a multifunctional design that does not only store the hairdryer but also serves as an organizer to all of the hair styling tools that you need to use on a daily basis. So, with the maximum values, it is highly recommended for you to own one in the house.

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