Best Massage Tables in 2021

Massage equipment plays a very important role in setting your moods and your body as it’s about to get rewound. However, let’s take the massage tables as an item to discuss, it’s quite crucial that you choose the right products because if you don’t, it might make the massage experience go bad. If you’re currently looking to buy a good quality massage table, we’ve got your back.

In this article, we will be introducing the top 10 best massage tables that you can purchase either for personal or commercial use. Keep reading to find out more about each product and its review.

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#10. Paylesshere 2-inch Thick PVC Massage Tables

#10. Paylesshere 2-inch Thick PVC Massage Tables

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When you are looking for the best massage table with the most affordable price, you should look from this brand called Paylesshere. Its massage table is very soft and comfortable yet very durable at the same time as it can support up to 450-pound weight capacity. On top of that, it also comes with a 2-inch thick sponge that everyone can lie on for ultimate unwind.

This massage table also has sturdy feet that can also be adjusted in terms of height, so if you’re a masseur especially, you can set it to fit your height. Since this massage table is made with luxurious PVC leather that is durable and waterproof, it also doesn’t produce any unpleasant smell like the other synthetic leathers. All the tools to assemble this massage table are provided in the package as you purchase, so you wouldn’t have to spend extra money on other tools. It’s quite economical to choose from Paylesshere.

#9. BestMassage Sturdy Massage Tables with Head Rest

#9. BestMassage Sturdy Massage Tables with Head Rest

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One of the most famous brands on the market in 2021 for massage tables is from BestMassage. This 73” massage bed is made from reinforced beech frame with hardwood corner block; hence, it’s very sturdy that it can actually support up to 450 pound. This massage bed is especially ideal for masseur since it’s made just at the right height although you can also adjust its height very conveniently. Besides, this massage bed is completely comfortable.

It can be easily folded into a case where you can bring it anywhere you go. It’s also easier for storage. A set of this massage bed includes cradle bolsters that can be used for head resting, too. Such a complete set doesn’t require you to buy anything else besides it.

#8. Saloniture Heavy Duty Massage Tables

#8. Saloniture Heavy Duty Massage Tables

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Another massage bed that cannot be missed is from Saloniture. What’s special about its premium massage bed is it is designed with soft headrest and accomplices with a bolster, so whether a customer is sleeping on his stomach or his back, he still gets an ultimate comfort feeling when getting massages. Similar to the previous products, this massage table can also support a heavyweight capacity of 450-pound.

Also, because a Saloniture massage bed uses a premium quality PU synthetic leather for its cover, it’s completely water and oil proof, so any massage or relaxing therapy can be done on it without concern about it getting soaked up with these substances. Another great point about this is that all the accessories of this massage table can be detached and folded for easy transporting and storing.

#7. MaxKare Hardwood Massage Tables

#7. MaxKare Hardwood

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In the top 7th best massage bed, we have this highly rated product from MaxKare. This portable and foldable massage bed can be used for all types of therapies from the body to face massage. It’s very affordable compared to other products on the market with such quality. Similarly, this massage bed can be used by most people whose weight is no heavier than 496 pounds. Its structure was made entirely from reinforced hardwood to give it super sturdy strength.

Moreover, MaxKare massage bed is also designed with head and armrests on the side, so it’s very comfortable to rest on. On top of that, it has luxurious leather as its cover so it’s completely oil and waterproof. Last but not least, this bed is also totally detachable, so you can easily fold them in a case and take it anywhere you want it to go with.

#6. SierraComfort Strong PU Leather Massage Tables

#6. SierraComfort Strong PU Leather

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Another portable massage table is from SierraComfort. Like other top brands on the list, SierraComfort also uses reinforced bench hardwood along with many support cables to give extra strength on this already sturdy massage bed, so you would not need to worry about the bed getting broken when someone is sleeping on. Besides, this massage bed has up to 2” foam deck that makes it super soft and comfy to rest on. There’s also a bolster to be used for neck rest too. What’s also great about this product is both bolster and bed cover is made from premium PU leather which is popularly known for its high resistance against water and oil substances, so it won’t create any bacteria or germs on the bed no matter how long it’ll be used.

Last but not least, you’ll also get up to a 2-year warranty on this SierraComfort massage table when you purchase too. Such a warranty will ensure that you don’t need to worry about anything post-purchase because SierraComfort will make sure everything is right.

#5. BestMassage Lightweight Hardwood Massage Tables

#5. BestMassage Lightweight Hardwood

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Moving to Top 5th, there’s any top model from BestMassage again. As you have already known, BestMassage has always been a top brand when it comes to massage supplies. For this massage table in particular, it’s a fully functional product as it is designed with every feature needed to carry out both professional or home massage. This salon bed face cradle bed is also very lightweight, yet it can support a heavy weight customer because all the materials used for this are carefully selected to ensure the durability of the product. It also features side armrest and neck bolster.

Also, many customers praise this product for its portability as anyone can easily fold it to store or bring somewhere. With all the cable, hardware and sturdy hardwood, this massage table effortlessly supports up to 450 pounds. Last but not least, you’ll also get a satisfaction guarantee when purchasing this massage bed. Therefore, if you dislike anything about it after receiving the product, you know you can get your money back in no time.

#4. BestMassage 73” Height Adjustable Massage Bed

#4. BestMassage 73” Height Adjustable

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The next top best massage table in 2021 comes from BestMassage again. Speaking in terms of quality, this product is as premium as the previous one. What makes it different is the size of the two models. While the previous one is slightly bigger, this one is measured at 73” length. For the support capacity, it can hold up to 450 pounds like the other top model. This table can be used for anything from spa to massage. It has all the features which include but not limited to the armrest, head hole, and more.

Also, since this massage bed is only 36 pounds and it can be folded in 2, you don’t have to worry about bringing it anywhere. Everything about this is made for a simpler life. Even assembling them doesn’t require any tool. All you need to do is to unfold it and it will automatically become a full-fledge massage bed.

#3. Uenjoy 84” Folding Massage Bed

#3. Uenjoy 84” Folding

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Next on, we have a professional 84” massage bed from Uenjoy. What’s great about this product is that it’s another full function massage bed that is priced very affordably. The whole bed frame is made with sturdy reinforced hardwood which allows it to hold up to 500-pound capacity. Also, the mattress is made from water and oil-proof PVC stuffed with high-density foam measured up to 1.57”, so it’s packed enough to give excellent comfort level. On top of that, the massage bed is also made with humanized flexibility; especially in terms of its height. So masseur can freely set it to fit their comfort height to give spa or massage treatment.

Not different from other products in the list, this one can also be folded for easy storing and transporting and the whole product is quite lightweight, too. Hence, carrying it from one space to another wouldn’t be a concern at all. Last but definitely not least, Uenjoy also offers part replacement service for free for the first 1 year after your purchase, so you can save a lot on maintaining this.

#2. Saloniture Professional Massage Bed with Case

#2. Saloniture Professional

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Moving onto the top 2nd, we have another product from Saloniture again. Compared to many products on the market, this one obviously wins for its premium quality that gives deluxe comfort for any customers. It’s very popular among professional masseurs that aim for 5-star rated experience for their clients. The massage bed features luxurious cushioning, top wing and armrest wings on both sizes to give extra comfort when resting on it. Also, Saloniture uses up to 2” layer of high-density foam so it’s even softer. For the structure’s strength, it can also accommodate up to 450 pound weight capacity.

Moreover, its adjustable headrest features also allows it to fit any position your clients want to rest on. As usual, the massage table from Saloniture is always lightweight and foldable in order for easy storage or travel. There’s also a durable nylon carrying case provided in a set that you can use as a side pocket to hold other important supplies. Also, Saloniture won’t have any unpleasant smell from its bed because its cover is made from premium PU synthetic leather that is both soft and durable, so it’s very highly resistant against water, oil, or any bacteria building on it.

#1. BestMassage Portable Spa Bed

#1.  Portable Spa Bed

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Finally, we’re up to the number of best products and guess what, it is from BestMassage again. From comfort to durability, BestMassage massage table has just the right thing to make sure whoever rests on this won’t find a better experience. The massage table is totally suitable for spa, massage and any physical treatment because it’s very soft and strong. The material used for this is selected only the highest quality beech reinforced hardwood. Also, all the parts of this massage table are also easily detached from the main part for easy storing or moving around.

Even its height can be adjusted to fit the masseur’s comfort, so both the masseur and their clients enjoy working and resting on this bed. Compared to every product on the market, this massage table from BestMassage is also the lightest of all because it weighs only 28 pounds; you can easily pick it up in one hand. This portable massage table also comes with a sturdy carrying case and adjustable shoulder strap that you can use to store other items along with it. All the details and features of this massage bed will satisfy you without any hassle.

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Buying Guides

When choosing a massage table, one of the most important things you have to check is the size of it. If you purchase it for commercial use which means there are going to be different people with different sizes on it, you have to make sure to buy the biggest one, so it can fit them properly.

Also, as a masseur or for personal use, you should also look for a product that allows height adjustability. It’s very helpful with this feature as you can also customize it to fit your standing or sitting comfort when performing spa or massage therapy.

Finally, the thickness of the foam is also important to measure the comfort level of the bed. The thick and the denser the foam, the better and the more recommended is that massage table.


To ease the choosing process, we’ve got your back. You can simply choose any of the products mentioned in the list. We guarantee you would love how your order turns out.

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