Best Sawhorses & Jobsite Tables in 2021 Reviews

A Sawhorses & Jobsite Tables are beneficial tools you can have. You can use the sawhorse for your wooden project when a Jobsite table allows you to work on whatever projects you are having as a flexible table you can work at any time. No matter what, there is a great variety of items available in town, and it is hard to decide which one is the right product for you. As a result, we are here for the top ten best sawhorses and Jobsite table in 2021 with a product buying guide.

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#10. Channellock Sawhorses & Jobsite Tables with Handle

#10. Channellock Sawhorse and Jobsite Table with Handle

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Channellock has a lot to love. The product offers great value because the item is rugged and durable. Therefore, it brings about long-term lasting for the item. It works as the item of your favourite soon after you have the product. Additionally, it is constructed with top-grade steel that assures the product maximum support with it. It can support and sustain a weight of 1300 pounds as a sole jobsite table. Therefore, coming as a pair, it can support a total weight of 2600 pounds. This is a great number for those who are looking for a jobsite table.

The opening mechanism is simple and easy. It allows for a simple and straightforward setup with it. Consequently, the system is smart for your consideration. Furthermore, it has adjustable legs that enable support pegs for the item. Moreover, the product has a powder coating which boasts reliable and rustproofed applications with the item. It can last for years also because of this reason. Besides, the surface has zinc plating when the handle is simple and easy to carry. It makes a great and extraordinary item, consequently.

#9. Grabber Construction Products Fold-N-Go Lightweight Sawhorses & Jobsite Tables

#9. Grabber Construction Products Fold-N-Go Lightweight Sawhorse and Jobsite Table

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Grabber Construction Products Fold-N-Go has a lot to offer. The whole pair can support and withstand a weight of 1600 pounds. Consequently, it is a sustaining and long-lasting item you can have for yourselves. Furthermore, it features solid construction that enables the product to be a reliable item you can have. We are assured of the product’s quality. The set-up system is simple and convenient. It is easy and quick to set up and takedown, as a result.

Moreover, it is a strong yet lightweight sawhorse you can find. It is a smart consideration for choosing and selecting the item. Meanwhile, it has an interesting outlook design that allows you to instantly like the product whenever you use the item. In addition, you can work out your projects whether big or small with it without any problems at all. The product is promising which allows you to use it with confidence.

#8. Bora Portamate Foldable Sawhorses & Jobsite Tables

#8. Bora Portamate Foldable Sawhorse and Jobsite Table

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Another desirable pick is from Bora Portamate. The product allows for instant set up. The item is ready to use because of the instant setup. There is no problem at all for you to set up and take down the piece. Moreover, it can hold a weight of 1500 pounds that is a far and superior number for only one product. The supportive mechanism for a reliable loading capacity enables the item to become one of the most trustworthy products available. You can multiply it by two if you consider buying two of them.

Moreover, you can fold up the legs easily. Therefore, it enables a fast flipping when you finish your work. Additionally, it has a metal tip that is pre-drilled which gives great value to the product. Besides, the item is 30-inch high, which is a good height for the product. Besides, the product is lightweight and weather-resistant. As a result, it is going to last for years. Lastly, it is one exceptional sawhorse you can find available in the market today.

#7. Kastforce Sawhorses & Jobsite Tables with Locking System

#7. Kastforce Sawhorse and Jobsite Table with Locking System

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Over here, let’s have a look at Kastforce. It features two positions when the product can hold a weight of 1100 pounds per product. As a result, a pair of it allows you to hold 2200 pounds with it. This is a great loading capacity a product can have. Moreover, the item is constructed with steel for 100% that allows it to become a convenient and sturdy item. It can be long-lasting for many years to come. What’s more, the product comes with a lock system that allows the item to set up simply and easily with it. Besides, it is convenient to disassemble the item as well with the design. The simple disassembly gives you the convenience and flexibility to work out with it.

The product is a heavy-duty item you can have for yourselves. The heavy-duty quality assures the product to become your long-term investment. It works conveniently and flexibly for you to maintain your working performance. Any type of wooden project can be easily accomplished with it when it can become a Jobsite table anytime you want. These are all the great advantages offered by the brand.

#6. ToughBuilt Steel Sawhorses & Jobsite Tables

#6. ToughBuilt Steel Sawhorse and Jobsite Table

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If you need a Jobsite table, you can consider ToughBuilt. The product can support a weight of 1300 pounds. The loading capacity is fairly huge with the product. Moreover, the item is constructed with steel, so the product is reliable and long-lasting in applications. It serves you greatly with the product. The legs are adjustable that allows the product to be convenient for setting up and taking down. It does require you to press the button for unfolding and extending its legs. Setting up the product is simple.

Moreover, it can become a comfortable Jobsite for you because the product can be customized for height. It is, therefore, simple to handle and set up the item. Lastly, the product is manufactured by a brand that is famed for producing quality Jobsite tables. We don’t have a doubt over the product’s quality, as a result.

#5. Protocol Equipment

#5. Protocol Equipment

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The next item is from Protocol Equipment. The product comes as a pair of two sawhorses. Additionally, it is constructed with steel for long-lasting uses. The product can last for years or decades with steel construction. The product features galvanized legs when the handle is easy to carry. The item can hold a loading weight of 2600 pounds. The loading capacity is huge. It features four table supporting arms with each sawhorse. As a result, it comes with eight supporting arms. The product is constructed with steel that is corrosion-resistant.

You can use the item to create scaffolding support, workbench, and Jobsite table. We are smart to consider it because the product is highly flexible and adaptive. You can surely be confident that the product allows for smooth and effective working with it.

#4. ToughBuilt

#4. ToughBuilt

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ToughBuilt is another contender packed with features. The product is constructed with a steel 100%. A pair of it can support a weight of 2200 pounds when one of them can support a weight of 1100 pounds. Additionally, it comes with powder coating when the product comes with zinc plating. Therefore, the product is going to be long-lasting and durable for many years to come.

Besides, it comes with a handle that is easy to carry. The product is good and efficient for people of different professions including custodian, technician, handyman, builder, plumber, framer, carpenter, electrician, contractor, and more. The setup, furthermore, is simple and straightforward. The product is simple to take down as well.

#3. Bora Portamate

#3. Bora Portamate

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Here, we have Bora Portamate. The product has a whole design that you can take down and set up the item very quickly. Additionally, you can set up a worksite very quickly with no hassle. Moreover, the legs which foldable collapse in a few seconds, that proves the product is a fast and efficient Jobsite table you can find available in the market. Furthermore, the product is heavy-duty which allows the item to be long-lasting and durable.

It can support a weight of 1500 pounds. As a result, it can support more weight than ordinary sawhorse available in town. Besides, the tabletop is pre-drilled and flexible for your applications. The product has a sturdy surface that avoids the item from any damages because of the hit from equipment or item. The product has a rigid design that assures the item to be long-lasting. Lastly, it is as tall as 30 inches. The good height allows you to work without any problems and with convenience.

#2. Keter Sawhorses & Jobsite Tables

#2. Keter

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Another favourite recommendation from us is Keter. It has aluminium legs that are reliable and sturdy. The product is simple to set up and take down because it takes only 30 seconds for the whole process. Moreover, it has a carrying handle that is sturdy, so the product can be simple to carry. The foldable design featured with it is simple and convenient for transportation and bringing it around.

The product has holding clamps that are adjustable. Additionally, the Jobsite table can hold a weight of 700 pounds with it.

#1. Worx Sawhorse Sawhorses & Jobsite Tables

#1. Worx Sawhorse

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The last item on the list is from Worx. The product is lightweight because it is constructed with a thermoplastic polymer that is a well-known material in the industry. Furthermore, it can support a weight of 1 000 pounds when you pair it with another sawhorse of the same brand. Besides, it features bar clamps that are detachable, so it can meet the needs of your projects anytime.

The product comes with convenient storage as it is easy to take down. Lastly, it is one reliable product that you can use to its full potential.

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Buying Guide

Loading Capacity: The product should hold at least 600 pounds for the loading capacity per single item. Therefore, the product holds a good loading capacity for it to pair and become a Jobsite table. Loading capacity is important because it is the basic function a sawhorse and Jobsite table is supposed to perform.

Simple Setup: The item should come with a simple setup. We should set up and take down the item easily, so the product can serve us greatly with flexibility and convenience. The product should be simple and convenient to take down as well because it can be a flexible and adaptable item we can find.

Reliable Construction Material: It is interesting to have the product constructed with reliable material such as stainless steel or thermoplastic polymer. These two construction materials make great for a Jobsite table; even though there can be other materials qualified as the Jobsite table and sawhorse as well.


Having a sawhorse and Jobsite table is a brilliant idea for engineers or outdoor workers who need flexible products for the workspace. We are considerate to choose the product because the item is dependable, reliable, and flexible. No matter what, we should consider some qualities in the product buying guide to consider whether a product is worth it or not.

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